Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pepper Update and Tomato Worm Tragedy!

The peppers are also doing great. The only exception is my favorite plant, the one that I have been babying all year, the Bhut Jolokia, has met its demise. It was eaten by a tomato worm overnight. I have more in the garden, so not a huge loss. Biggest issue is that the Bhut only have a 10% germination rate, so they are hard to come by.

Sweet Pepper plants planted 12" apart.

Sweet Pepper Square Foot Garden Bed

Sweet Banana

Sweet Banana 2

Bhut Jolokia with isolation bag to keep from cross polination.

Bhut Jolokia Isolation Bag

Bhut Jolokia planted in 5 gallon bucket.

Bhut Jolokia Container

Bhut Jolokia meet Tomato Worm!

Tomato Worm  1

Tomato worm vs Bhut Jolokia

Tomato Worm vs Bhut Jolokia

Pepperoncini Pepper


Orange Sun Bell Pepper

Orange Sun Bell Pepper

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