Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Harvest Pictures

I have not posted in a while, but have been meaning to. My father passed away a few weeks ago, and there has been a lot going on. I wanted to jump on here real quick and post some pics of my final harvest. I had to cover my plants a few nights in a row due to frost, but I was able to harvest all but some super chiles and cayenne, which I have more than enough to last me til next harvest season. There are more peppers that were harvested, but I really have not taken any pics of the ones that are still ripening. I have all of the peppers that are ripening in brown paper bags sitting on my desk(8ft table).

Something I have learned and works very well, is stick your unripe peppers in a brown paper bag and put in either some almost ripe peppers or some almost rip tomatoes. Something with whatever the ripening fruit puts off, helps the unripe fruit to ripen(Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers...HAHAHAHAHAHA).

Last Green Bell Pepper Harvest

Peppers in the Dehydrator 5

Peppers in the Dehydrator 4

Peppers in the Dehydrator 3

Peppers in the Dehydrator 2

Peppers in the Dehydrator 1

Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Harvest

Last Harvest of Year

Huge Pepper Hatvest 1

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