Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Harvest Pictures

I have not posted in a while, but have been meaning to. My father passed away a few weeks ago, and there has been a lot going on. I wanted to jump on here real quick and post some pics of my final harvest. I had to cover my plants a few nights in a row due to frost, but I was able to harvest all but some super chiles and cayenne, which I have more than enough to last me til next harvest season. There are more peppers that were harvested, but I really have not taken any pics of the ones that are still ripening. I have all of the peppers that are ripening in brown paper bags sitting on my desk(8ft table).

Something I have learned and works very well, is stick your unripe peppers in a brown paper bag and put in either some almost ripe peppers or some almost rip tomatoes. Something with whatever the ripening fruit puts off, helps the unripe fruit to ripen(Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers...HAHAHAHAHAHA).

Last Green Bell Pepper Harvest

Peppers in the Dehydrator 5

Peppers in the Dehydrator 4

Peppers in the Dehydrator 3

Peppers in the Dehydrator 2

Peppers in the Dehydrator 1

Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Harvest

Last Harvest of Year

Huge Pepper Hatvest 1

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Donnadot said...

Very impressive pepper guy!!

PepperGuy said...

Thank you! There will be a lot more next season. Check out our new website!

Jill said...

Does running your peppers through the dehydrator whole like you show in your photos work? I would have thought you would need to slit the skins, at the very least.

Love the pictures! I wish my pepper harvest last year had turned out as well. I got a lot of slug damage due to the excessive amount of rain we got. :P

PepperGuy said...

Jill...For the most part, the peppers I put in the dehydrator were thin skinned, or at least small peppers. For larger peppers, you need to cut them into pieces. I dried some bell peppers and jalapenos and they havd to by cut into pieces, but dehydrated fine.

Good luck with your peppers this year!

Anonymous said...

how many pepper plants did you plant last year, kinds and yield????

what are you planning for this year/2010?

Thanks :D

PepperGuy said...

I started about 1200 pepper plants in the greenhouse. Of the 1200, 140+ pepper plants were planted in the garden. There were 40+ different varieties. As far as harvest, I did not weigh all the peppers i picked, but if I were to just guess, I would say 150-200lbs of peppers, if not more. Alot of the peppers were dried and made into powder. I put cayenn on just about everything.

This year, we are only going to have about 30 kinds, most of which will be grown in buckets. Come back later for more on 2010.

buy ghost chili said...

You have a lot of great looking peppers!