Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Single Stem Heirloom Tomato Garden Update 6/29/2011

The first pic is of one of the heirloom tomato beds before removing more of the suckers.


This pic was taken from the front of the tomato bed. You can see the plant almost looks bare compared to the first pic. This is my first year for trying this, so we will see for ourselves. I have heard so many good things about his method.


This last pic was taken from the back of the heirloom tomato bed. I had to install bamboo stakes to help the plants go up the trellis. The plants are massive and heavy so they need lots of support.



Anonymous said...

I am going to try this technique this year. How many rows of tomatoes do you think I can get away with in a 4x8 bed? Probably only two to allow for good air circulation, right? My beds run North/South. I was hoping I can get away with 3 rows, but I am not sure? Any thoughts, since you have experience with the single stem method? Love the blog....Especially the plans for the greenhouse....will be building the same thing this fall!

PepperGuy said...

I would only use 2 rows and plant them to the outside of the beds. Plant a companion plant, such as onions in the unused space in the bed. I am going to be adding a parts list for the PVC greenhouse plans in the near future. Hope this helps.