Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Update 4/4/2011

So it's been a very busy year so far and a fourth of it is already gone. Garden season is upon us and it feels great. As most of you know, last year was a horrible year for The Pepper Guy. Had some tomato plants that made it the whole year, but no peppers. I was working so many ours at my job that I was not able to spend the time I wanted to on the garden. This year, though, I have started early indoors. I think there is like 1500+ pepper plants and 400+ tomato plants total so far. Once they get too big for indoors and it warms up just a bit, they can go into the greenhouse (which needs put back up). I did however get a new greenhouse frame from someone of craigslist. It is a 20'x60' and will most likely be used as a high tunnel for growing heirloom tomatoes. Try to at least extend the season a bit. Dont know if that is going to happen this year or not. I would like to get it put up this year and be able to use it next year. Baby steps...

Pepper Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings 1

Tomato Seedlings 2

Seed Strating Rack

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings

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