Monday, May 24, 2010

Garden 2010

We have had a bit of a late start this year with the garden. We recently moved, so things have been a bit bumpy. Anyways, we finally got the greenhouse put back up, the new garden plot tilled, and some seeds started. Our pepper seeds were started about amonth later than what I had wanted, so this year, we will be growing out peppers in 5 gallon buckets. We are doing this so that we can extend the season by putting the plants in the greenhouse. I worry that I started too late to get a harvest from the garden. This is just playing it safe.

I have posted some pics that I just took of the garden today.


Petunias, marigolds, and tomato plants.
Flowers in front of greenhouse

Pepper seedings.
Pepper Seedlings

2 week old corn.
Sweet Corn 2 Weeks Old

2 week old peas.
Peas 2 Weeks Old

2 week old green beans. I have replanted the ones that did not make it for whatever reason(dogs!).
Green Beans 2 Weeks Old

2 week old potatoes.
Potatoes 2 Weeks Old

2 week old onions.
Onions 2 Weeks Old

Tomato plants.
Tomato Plants 4 Weeks Old

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