Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Harvest

These are a few pics of today's harvest. Nothing major, but I only had a small amount of time. My son helped me this time. He is a GREAT HARVESTER!!!

Pepper & Tomato Harvest 8/24/09

Jalapeno Harvest 1

Jalapeno Harvest 2

My first tomato of the year


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the old Porter tomato? It seems to stand up to heat and dry conditions here better than anything else I have planted? It was developed by a Texas grower. It's not a large tomato but produces well and I like it's flavor fresh off the vine or in salads and salsa.

PepperGuy said...

I have never tried them before. Here in Indiana it does not get real hot, so I do not need a heat tolerant tomato. I really enjoy the beefsteaks. I may try the Porter next season.