Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures from the pepper garden

This is a pic of one of my Naga Jolokia plants. I need to pull a few weeds as they are starting to get out of hand.
These are my Turkish Cayenne peppers. I hope they will be ready in the next few weeks.
Super chiles are one of my favorite to grow. Hot and very plentiful. I have a total of 8 plants and they are all doing great.

f course we cant forget about the Jalapeno. Again, I have 8 of these plants. It wont be long before the next Jalepeno harvest.

Oh I love my cayenne. Most of my cayenne will be dried and made into powder. I have 8 of these plants, so I should have enough powder to last me until next harvest season.

I received these seeds in trade from a fellow chile head. I was told they were banana peppers, but they seem awful big for banana peppers. I have not tasted one yet, so I will know soon enough. If this is a banana pepper, then this is the biggest banana pepper I have ever grown, heck, the biggest I HAVE EVER SEEN!

All of these pics were taken on Aug 15th, 2009.


food extrovert said...

Hey Pepper Guy, thanks for the comment. After taking a quick look at your blog I see we share a love for peppers. Your roasting techniques are intriguing. I have 6 varieties of peppers growing but my garden doesn't look as impressive as yours. I'm going to have some questions for you soon. It must smell great around your house!

PepperGuy said...

The house smells great! I have been roasting a lot frequently. Please feel free to ask any question you may have. Remember though, raosting peppers is addictive!