Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seed Starting

I am getting the spring fever so I decided to go ahead and start some of my pepper seeds, since some of them take so long to germinate. To help the process around, I do not start my seeds directly into soil. Below I will show the process I use to start my seeds.

First of all you need a few things:
Paper Towel
Zip-Lock Bags

First of all, get 1 sheet of paper towel. Fold it in half and dampen it with water. Not sopping wet, but moist. Place seeds as seen in the pic. You can use more/less depending on how many plants you are going to start. I do not mix seeds on the paper towel. I plant all the same seed in each setup.

Next, fold over the paper towel.

Second, Roll up the paper towel.

Thirdly, place the rolled up paper towel in a zip-lock bag and use the marker to label the contents of the bag.

Lastly, place your baggie on top of your hot water heater, or some other warm place. It a couple of weeks, you will have 2-3" roots starting.

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